The life style anal diet habit of the present generation has resulted in the rise of infertility cases in males. Apart from the above said causes, there are some other factors also which affect the fertility.

Some of the major reasons for infertility in female:-

  • Defective spermatogenesis
  • Obstruction of the efferent duct system
  • Failure to deposit sperm high in the vagina
  • Errors in the seminal fluid
  • Congenital factors like undescended testis
  • Alcohol consumption & heavy smoking

Treatment option in male infertility

  • Improvement of general health & lifestyle
  • Reduction of weight in condition of obesity
  • Avoiding alcohol & smoking
  • Method to stimulate endogenous testesterone production

In Ayurvedic classic, different medicines are described in treatment of infertility. Vaajikaran Chikitsa is a special branch in Ayurveda, dedicated in producing good healthy offspring. Various internal medicines like decotions, powders & herbs are present. Uttara basti procedure various oil application are available which gives proper and lasting effect in male infertility.