Ksheeradhara – An Excellent Technique to Establish Dosha Equilibrium.

Ksheeradhara treatment is similar to Shirodhara. Instead of herbal oil, we use herbal milk for Ksheeradhara. The herbal milk acts as a moisturizing agent which relieves stress, tension and anxiety. Ksheeradhara works like a charm to enhance the skin glow. It’s a simple but effective treatment for people suffering from Pitta and Vata predominance, headaches, mental tension and insomnia.

Ksheeradhara lasts for 40 minutes approximately and it’s continues for 7-21 days based on the client’s body and mental condition. The extracts of various kinds of herbs are added to milk. There are two kinds of Ksheeradhara treatments – Sarvangadhara and Shirodhara. In Sarvangadhara we cover the whole body except the head region whereas Shirodhara is done for the head.

For Ksheeradhara treatment, the herbal mil is heated till it gets lukewarm. The lukewarm herbal milk is taken in a dhara vessel. The herbal milk is allowed to pour down from the vessel places above the forehead. The constant thread-like stream over the glabellar region on the forehead. For Sarvagadhara treatment, the lukewarm herbal milk is poured all over the body except the head.

Benefits of Ksheeradhara

  • Relieves from fatigue.
  • Boosts memory power.
  • Restores vitality.
  • Relieves from stress as it relaxes the central nervous system.
  • Improves the quality of digestive fire.
  • Enhances the strength, vitality, self-reliance, mental clarity and energy.
  • Relieves insomnia.
  • Improves skin glow.
  • Combats headaches.
  • Improves mental clarity.
  • Restores dosha balance.

Dashamoola Ksheeradhara is an Ideal Treatment for Stress Relief

At Vedic Karma, we do also offer Dashamoola Ksheeradhara therapy. It’s an incredible treatment that has cooling effects on the body. Summer season is the ideal time for this treatment. This treatment is suggested for people who are suffering from skin and hair problems. It is also an ideal treatment to reduce stress.

We at Vedic Karma offer wide-range of Ayurvedic treatments by adapting authentic techniques mentioned in the ancient scriptures. We bank on our certified and experienced therapists to offer Ayurvedic treatments in their purest form.

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