Panchakarma Treatment


We as experts of Panchkarma give your reproductive system a holistic cleansing and purification with ayurvedic processes like Basti and vamana solving all the infertility issues.

Uttara Basti

Uttara Basti is important Panchakarma procedure for local purification of UTERUS.The treatment entails injecting a particular medicinal oil, ghrita, or decoction into the uterus or bladder.The entire urinary system is cleaned by uttara basti. It enhances circulation, clears the system’s channels, and gets rid of all the toxicity. It returns the urine system and vaginal area to normal operation.
Additionally, it aids in nourishing that particular area. It is a ray of hope for those seeking treatment without genital or urinary system surgery.It is helpful for DUB, fibroids, tubal obstructions, spontaneous and recurring abortions, infertility, and other conditions.

Swedanam (Herbal Steam Bath)

Swedana is an effective therapy in which a person is made to sit inside a case keeping their head out. This case contains a combination of herbs and therapeutic leaves.

The person sits in the steam box which is loaded up with herb-infused steam for around ten minutes to half hour. The herbs are added to the steam therapy as per the severity of imbalance


Abhyangam is a type of Ayurvedic holistic mending massage therapy which includes massage of the body with a lot of warm oil (pre-treated with herbs for specific conditions and good health).

The entire process will be trailed by the steam process for 10 min which will increase the absorption as well as it will loosen up your body and brain profoundly.


Shirodhara is characterized by the utilization of medicinal oil on the patient’s forehead. while giving the treatment, the patient,s head is kept in an upside position.  (Ayurvedic therapy table), having a Vartti (headband) tied around the forehead. A vessel with a centralized hole is loaded up with oil having medical properties and hung about six to eight inches over the head of the patient.

This treatment has numerous remedial effects, especially in the improvement of the patient’s mental wellness. It offers alleviation from the diseases associated with vata dosha and stress overall.

Shitopchar/Cool Treatment/Fruit Massage

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Ayuredic Body Polishing/Body Wrap

This process helps to eliminate the dead skin cells from the surface of skin. the removal of the dead skin results in healthy and polished skin.

Ingredients like Cold-pressed Oils, raw, and unprocessed Cane Sugar are often used in preparing it. 

Udvartana (Weight Loss Massage)

This refers to the vertical direction of the strokes employed during massage. It is the process which involves the brisk massage coupled with the penetrative herbs to assist in decreasing laziness, release toxins, diminishing the retention of the fluids and enhancing circulation.


Ayurvedic practices consider nostrils to be the entryway to the cerebrum. Nasyam (Errhine Therapy) is an exceptionally strong and rejuvenative Panchakarma therapy which includes administration of medicinal herbal oils into the nose.

It’s a strategy of Kalarichikilsa which is aimed at treating every illness related to head.


It is an effective Ayurvedic technique wherein medicinal oils are poured and held on the head using an extended cap or swathe for a prescribed timeframe, trailed by a full body massage. This helps in rejuvenation, enhances the life expectancy of cells, enhances immunity, and betters the metabolism of the body.

it is also used in treating Depression, constant headaches, migraines etc.


Pizhichil is a remarkable Ayurvedic therapy from Kerala. In this treatment, a special material fabric is dunked into warm Kuzhambu, or in combination of medicated oil, and is allowed to drip down on the affected areas of patient. It helps in improving immunity and blood circulation.

It is exceptionally viable in the treatment of ailments like rheumatic diseases, paralysis,   arthritis, muscle cramps, neurological disorders, and pulse issues.

Elakizhi/Patra Pinda

It is an old Ayurvedic therapy which makes use of abundant types of medicinal helps in the induction of perspiration inside the impacted region, which stimulates the skin to take out wastes. The Fresh leaves are involved in making the herbal kizhis (bundles) having vata pacifying properties.

These kizhis, are used for the body massage later after getting dipped in warm ayurvedic oils.


In this therapy the steam is fueled with powerful herbs that expand the channels which contains toxins. the herbal steam induces the profound sweating, that thus eliminates the toxins.

Sweda is profoundly viable and helpful in making the body free from pain toxins, and waste.

Janu Basti

Janu Basti is a successful therapy for individuals encountering ailments in the knee. The medicinal oils used help in soothing the pain, inflammation of joints and stiffness. Also, toxins are disposed of and joints are strengthened.

In this treatment warm medicated oil is poured on impacted areas helping in rejuvenation of joints interiorly.

Kati Basti

It is an extremely gainful treatment aimed specifically at lower back pain,   sciatica, stiff neck, whiplash, migraines frozen shoulder, herniated and cracked disks cervical pain, knee torment, shoulder bursitis, RSI, spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, dislocated shoulder, thoracic discomfort, knee and wrist problems.


The therapy is initiated with a conventional head massage with Ayurvedic oils or the Shiro Abhyangam. A special paste is used to make a groove on the head. Then the section is loaded up with medicated oil and the walls of the paste are covered with cloth and leaves.

The treatment is exceptionally useful in adjustment of Pitta dosha. it helps in balancing the nervous system and soothing body and mind.

Ayurvedic Facial Treatment

It includes a face massage using herbal oil and creams based on normal ingredients and Ayurvedic herbs. In some specific cases, a steam or scrub or a herbal face pack will be added based on individual needs.

An Ayurvedic facial therapy makes you more relaxed, balanced and energized. It tightens the skin and removes toxins and impurities from the body.