Male infertility


Whether there is defect in gametes or anomalies in the reproductive organs or there is any loss in libido, we treat male infertility with ayurveda techniques holistically

The techniques and treatments we use to cure male fertility using ayurveda


We as experts of Panchkarma give your reproductive system a holistic cleansing and purification with ayurvedic processes like Basti and vamana solving all the infertility issues.

Vajikarana Dravyas (Fertility Liquids)

The dravyas are prepared with the help of ancient ayurvedic sciences and formulations which help in increasing libido, purifying semen, preventing premature ejaculation and enhancing semen.

Exercises and Yoga

The yoga asanas like padmasana , paschimottanasana, bhujangasana, sarvangasana, praivritta trikonasana are used along with balanced diet to cure the male infertility

Controlled and balanced diet

The well balanced diet and nutrition plays an essential role in maintaining healthy semen count and to check the other sexual dysfunction.

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Vedic Karma

Vedic Karma

Vedic Karma


Ayurveda divides the cause of ayurveda into 3 Categories

At vedic karma we holistically assess all these three causes and formulate the treatment based upon ayurvedic science.

Frequently asked questions

We at vedic karma have answer to every infertility-related problem and successfully treat every type of  male infertility using ayurvedic procedures and scientific techniques.

Ashwagandha- it helps in increasing the sex drive and improving the reproductive health. It is also associated with increasing sperm count

Shatavri- this ayurvedic medicine helps in maintaining proper thermal conditions in the body by regulating heat so that sperms can form under optimum temperature

Kapikacchu- it improves the sperm motility and provides essential vitamins that are necessary for maintaining fertility

Chandraprabha Vati- This medicine has been proven to have effectively cured the fertility issues of men such as impotence, stress, anxiety, loss of seminal fluid while sleeping, etc.

Arogyavardhini Vati- this medicine helps in enhancing the longetivity of sperms and make the sperms more mobile and fertile too.

Safed Musli Roots (Asparagus) the musli helps in curing the premature ejaculation and increasing the sperm count. It is very beneficial in impotency.

Shilajit- shilajit is very effective in improving sex drive and the entire reproductive system in general. 

The three most common infertility treatments used in ayurveda are Ayurveda Diet, panchkarma and yoga. These treatments help in increasing sperm count and sexual drive in males.

The  failure of a couple to conceive because of sexual dysfunction  part of male due to  any kind of health issues which results in decrease in  the probability of a female partner to conceive is known as male infertility.