Insomnia is a regarded as a condition, in which a person has difficulty to sleep/ keeps on getting awake.

Sleep is very important factor for the well being of a health individual. If a person dose not gets enough sleep, it will give negative impact on his general health.

Generally we can classify insomnia into 2 types.

  • Primary insomnia: – It is general sleeplessness.
  • Secondary insomnia:- It is the type of insomnia, in which you have sleeplessness, as a symptom of any other disease (like asthma, depression, anxienty, arthritis etc), pain or substance abuse.


Some of the major causes of insomnia are:-

  • Stress
  • Noise, light, temperature
  • Mental health issues like depression & anxiety
  • Side-effect of any medications.
  • Hyperthyroidism or any other endocrine problems.
  • Other sleep disorders like sleep apnea a or restless leg syndrome.

Not having proper sleep or insomnia can result in various risk factors affecting one’s health.

Symptoms for insomnia can be regarded as:

  • Not able to sleep in proper time.
  • Sleepiness during the day.
  • Fatigue
  • Problems with concentration or memory.
  • Grumpiness.

According to Ayurveda, sleep, diet & exercise are regarded as the basic three essential thing for a person to lead a health life. Any vitiation of the tridoshas can result in sleeplessness.


For curing insomnia, it is essential to reach to the root cause of it. It can by psychological or physical. As Ayurveda always believe in curing a health issue to its root cause, in Ayurveda the treatment is always based in treating the problem to its root level.

Various medications like manasamitra vadakam do wonders in case of insomnia. Other than internal medicines, methods like shirodhara show tremendous result in case of insomnia, anxiety etc.

Here at Vedic Karma Ayurvedic multi-specialty hospital. Insomnia is not dealt as a disease, but as a condition as a result of any psychological or physical issues.

  • The treatment method involves
  • Counseling
  • A few lifestyle changes
  • Internal medicines
  • Panchkarma procedures.
  • Yoga & pranayama.