For a Person, the sense organs are very important Among the sense organs, the skin plays very important role. Apart from the sensory role, it protects the internal organs by forming a cover around our body. It also helps in detoxifying our body by expelling out toxins through the sweat pores. It also defines the personality of a person. A good glowing skin helps in building up the personality of the person.


The cause and nature of skin disease can vary from person to person. Generally the causes of skin diseases can be classified into:-

  • Life style & diet: – Improper lifestyle and diet is regarded as a cause for skin problem, over exnertion, lack of exercise, air pollution, eating sweet & oily food spicy food habbits like smoking alcohol consumption leads to damage to the skin.
  • Mental Stress: – emotional stress or strain can result in overall health of an individual therbg damaging the skin.
  • Sleep:- Lack of sleep or excessive sleeping can damage the skin.
  • Bacterial or fungal infection.
  • Excessive medicine usage.
  • As an Associated complaint of another disease.

Ayurveda as a whole is about maintaining a healthy life. It not only is a treatment method but also helps us in leading a healthy life.

According to Ayurveda any damage to the skin happens because of the vitiation in the Doshas so correcting these doshas will automatically cure the damage.

At Vedic Karma Ayurvedic Multi-Speciality hospital, we understand the importance of skin in a person’s life. Here two special departments are devoted in skin care Dermatology wing which deals in curing skin related problems and a cosmetology wing which helps in maintain a persons beauty by providing skin & hair care All the medicines used are purely herbal in nature ,no chemicals or artificial are used. Individual care is done by analyzing the prakruti of the patient, the skin type and vitiated doshas.