Knee pain is nowadays a common problem affecting people of all ages. Knee Pain can be caused due to an injury or as an associated complaint in arthritis, gout etc. The knee pain can be very disturbing as it will disturb our day to day life.


The main symptom of the knee pain will be pain in the knees. The location of the pain and severity will vary and depends on the cause of the problem.

The other signs & symptoms will include.

  • Swelling & stiffness.
  • Redness.
  • Weakness or inability to stand.
  • Sound while moving the knees.
  • Difficulty in proper movement of knee.
  • Difficulty while standing up or sitting.


The cause for a knee pain can vary from person to person. Some of the few causes maybe classified broadly as:

  • Injury:- Any injury or accident that had involved the knee can cause knee pain. It may be the bones or any to any fracture or crack in the bones or any ligament or muscle tear supporting the knee.
  • Over exertion: – Excessive straining can also cause problem in the knee, runners, players etc often suffer from knee related issues due to over usage.
  • Obesity: – Nowadays, obesity can be regarded as one of the majar causes of knee pain. It becomes unbearable for the knee to handle over-weight and as a result it weakens.
  • Associated symptom of any other disease: – The knees can also get affected as a result of suffering from any other medical condition like Arthritis, gout etc.

Apart from these causes, there an be many other causes like synovial fluid deficiency in knee, dislocation of patella, any inflammation or infections affecting the knee, hip or foot pain. Even certain occupation like hard labor and construction works. Having history of knee pain is also a cause for knee pain in future.


Early diagnosing helps in better treatment of the knee pain. Although various treatment options are available ayurveda manages to treat knee pain to its root cause, and not only treats the knee pain, but also strengthens the knee, its surrounding bones, ligaments and Muscles, thereby helping us to lead a pain free and health life.

At Vedic Karma Ayurvedic multi-speciality hospital, complete solution for your knee problems is available. After proper examination of the knee and analyzing the affected prakruti and vitiated doshas, proper ayurvedic medicines are given. In severe conditions use of panchkarma techniques like snehana swedana, different Pottalies, Janu vasti or Janu yantra are used for the treatment.

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