About Our Hospital

Vedic Karma is an Ayurvedic Hospital, managed by UMPL India Limited.

 The hospital is blessing of Param Poojya Param Hans Sant Milkha Ji Riar.UMPL India Ltd has been serving the nation with a wide range of Ayurvedic products since 2004.

From our success in past, we’ve decided to better serve the society with Vedic karma Hospital.

 We offer the best Ayurvedic therapies, treatments, training and more, all under one roof. We manage to offer the affordable prices, with no compromise on quality.

We at Vedic Karma balance your body, mind & soul that work together to promote wellness and prevent illness.

Our Mission is to make people healthy, help them maintain their health and to cure and manage disorders and imbalances.

Our History

In 2004, Mr. Tara Singh Uppal started UMPL India Ltd, with the blessings from his spiritual guru Param Poojya Param Hans Sant Milkha Ji Riar. UMPL India’ was started with the aim of serving patients, and giving them better health products and solutions.
After serving the country for countless years, Mr. Singh decided to have a venture that can not only serve the nation but also provide employment to the youth.
This idea turned into reality with Vedic karma Ayurvedic Hospital since 2004. A hospital where they provide affordable health care with no compromise on quality.

Clinic Comfortness

Vedic Karma is situated at SCF-31-32, Urban Estate Market, Qadian Rd, near Indian Bank, Batala, Punjab 143505 . We are a team of experts committed to excellence, innovation and compassion. Dedication is rooted in our organization and helps us spread the art of healing. Our focus is to help each and every person that comes to our doors.
We diagnose, and treat people of all ages and consider need of every individual. We not only we know, but also understand different reasons that contribute to a person’s health.