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At vedic  karma we have assembled a team of highly expert and skilled ayurveda doctors who have mastered the art of treating infertility with ayurvedic practices over the years. We help you conceive without any risk and treat infertility without any surgery. Our variety of ayurveda services for infertility under one roof makes us the best infertility treatment centre.

Our Efforts, promise the gift of lifelong Happiness for your little family.

Mr Tara Singh Uppal

(MD, Vedickarma)
In 2004, Mr. Tara Singh Uppal started UMPL India Ltd, with the blessings from his spiritual guru Param Poojya Param Hans Sant Milkha Ji Riar. UMPL India’ was started with the aim of serving patients, and giving them better health products and solutions.
After serving the country for countless years, Mr. Singh decided to have a venture that can not only serve the nation but also provide employment to the youth.
This idea turned into reality with Vedic karma Ayurvedic Hospital since 2004. A hospital where they provide affordable health care with no compromise on quality.

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Ayurveda has many diets suggestions to help maximize the digestive fire. Learning about our constitution and state of balance helps us determine which dietary choices are right for us.

Male/ Female Infertility

Whether there is defect or anomalies in the male reproductive organs or the problem of anovulation or female sexual dysfunction we cover all the infertility problems across breadth.


The ayurveda treatment of Poly cystic Ovarian Disorder/Syndrome is achieved through ancient and safest techniques like panchkarma, basti and fertility massage using the best ayurvedic methods.

Best Alternative to IVF

Our ayurvedic treatment of infertility offers more organic, safe and natural process to help in conceiving as compared to the unnatural and risky process of IVF

Fallopian Tube Blockage

Despite being almost asymptomatic the ayurvedic treatment of fallopian tube blockage is done with the help of careful monitoring, diet and ayurvedic techniques.

Vitiligo (Leucoderma) Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment of vitiligo helps you reclaim the natural spotless skin by restoring your skin pigment in herbal and natural way so that you can be proud of your beauty again

Panchakarma Treatment

We as experts of Panchkarma give your reproductive system a holistic cleansing and purification with ayurvedic processes like Basti and vamana solving all the infertility issues.

Pain Management

We manage all types of pains including joints pain, cervical pain, back pain, muscle pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, spine condition etc using purely ayurvedic and natural processes


‘Beautiful skin, hair and nails through ayurveda’ is our motto. With herbal extracts and ayurvedic formulations we gift you a healthy and radiant skin.

Love kumar

I am suffered with eyes problem then after 15days treatment.now my eyes properly worked as compared to past time and the staff of di Vedic karma is brilliant and treat the patients like a family member I very thankful Vedic karma team

Pawan Mehra

I was suffering from Low amh due to this problem I was unable to conceive .But my disease is fully cured in three months treatment and I have conceived.Thank you Vedic karma multi-speciality hospital.

Manjit Kaur

Really nice place. Ayurveda is being handled by real experienced professionals. Try this place for real purely and genuine ayurvedic treatment Great place to really experience the peace of mind.it is cheap and have all the facilities.

Baljit Singh

Nice experience at this Vedic Karma ayurvedic hospital. I was here for Cervical Spondylitis treatment and a very satisfied with the place,doctors and staff.I have learnt that ayurvedic treatment is the ultimate answer for us. Must to visit this place.

Jujhar Singh Riar

My mom is suffered from disk pain approximately 4 year but now we R Thanks treated from vedic karma Ayurvedic hospital Batala just only 12000

Arsh Preet

You are opening up a new chapter of your life now with this. So I hope your dreams of hosting the best doctors in this world become a reality. Many congratulations from me and I wish you the very best.

Baljit Singh Designation

Hi dear friends I have stress from one year Our burden increased day by day and my tension is also increased Before some days i visited in vedic karma ayurvedic hospital and was treated with ayurvedic medicines. Now i am feel good. Thanks for ayurveda and panchkarma

    Our primary goal is to use potent Ayurvedic methods to cure infertility problems.

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