What is Ayurveda ?

Unique Approach to Life

Ayurveda is 5000 years old India Vedic science of healing the body, mind, and soul with a unique approach to life. A life that is not only long but also free from diseases and all ailments.
Ayurveda is a holistic science that can help everyone to celebrate wellness. Ayurveda can help us to:

Know and develop our true inner self. Find and develop our strengths. Improves ourself in challenge areas Maintain balance in the face of adversity

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Vedic Karma promises to provide All Ayurved therapies under one roof. We proudly give eminent and quality Ayurvedic solutions to all the patients. Our dedicated team of Highly qualified experts in their respective fields makes us able
to aim for becoming Best ayurvedic hospital in Batala. We give all Ayurvedic therapies and other Ayurvedic treatments of quality standard that will make you recommend us to others as well.

What is Ayurveda ?

Learning About Our Constitution

Ayurveda has many diets suggestions to help maximize the digestive fire. Learning about our constitution and state of balance helps us determine which dietary choices are right for us.
According to Ayurveda, there are three types of doshas, i.e., imbalances in our body that are the root causes of all the diseases and imbalances affecting our health. These are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The doshas and their combinations
are identified in various seasons, climates, activities and nature.

All three doshas or imbalances are omnipresent in each and everyone but their respective ratios are very much variable, and this causes diseases.

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